My book Dependency Injection in .NET has received a Jolt Productivity Award!

It turns out that my book Dependency Injection in .NET has received a Jolt Productivity Award 2013 in the Best Books category. This is a completely unexpected (but obviously very pleasant) surprise :D

The motivation for giving the award states that it:

"provide[s] a brilliant and remarkably readable explanation of DI"

and concludes that

"It's the definitive guide to DI and the first place architects and implementers should turn for a truly deep and complete understanding of the pattern — regardless of whether .NET is part of their toolkit.""

Although it's already been selling well, the book is still available either directly from Manning, or via - and, in case you didn't know, every time you buy a Manning book, you automatically also get the electronic version, which (in the case of my book), includes a Kindle version, as well as a PDF. You can also skip the physical copy and buy only the electronic version, but this option is (AFAIK) only available from Manning.

What an honor!

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Wednesday, 02 October 2013 14:19:00 UTC


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