On this page you can find my future and past conference and other speaking appearances, chronologically ordered from newest to oldest. The top entries may be in the future.

Note that some conferences reuse the same URL from one year to the next, so links may either be dead, or point to a newer incarnation of the conference.

Future Dev Day


Build Stuff 2017

DotNext 2017

.NET Fest 2017

GOTO Copenhagen 2017

Mødegruppe for F#unktionelle Københavnere

Build Stuff Summer 2017

DDD Greece

NDC Mini Copenhagen

  • When: February 22-24, 2017
  • Where: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Site: https://cph.ndcmini.com
  • Talks:
    • From Dependency injection to dependency rejection

Copenhagen .Net User Group

Copenhagen .Net User Group

NDC London 2017

Build Stuff 2016


  • When: October 7, 2016
  • Where: Gdańsk, Poland
  • Site: http://devsharp.pl
  • Talks:
    • Humane Code
    • Functional Architecture: the Pits of Success

CODE Odense

F# Sydney

NDC Sydney

Copenhagen .Net User Group

Techorama 2016

F# eXchange 2016

New York City F# User Group

Software Architecture Summit 2016

Copenhagen .Net User Group


Mark Seemann on Software Craftsmanship

NDC London 2016

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