Today I spent my first working day at Safewhere, where I'll be working as a Senior Software Engineer. In the last couple of years, Safewhere and I have crossed paths a couple of times, and each time they always left me with the impression of a very professional and congenial ISV, so I'm super-excited to be joining!

Expect the occasional Geneva or Federation-related blog post to intermingle with the usual TDD stuff in the future :)


Congratulations on the new job :-)
2009-03-24 15:14 UTC
Thanks :)
2009-03-25 07:32 UTC
Mark Rønn #
Hi Mark. Great news - congratulations and all the best on your new job :-)
2009-04-15 08:31 UTC

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Monday, 23 March 2009 19:03:38 UTC


"Our team wholeheartedly endorses Mark. His expert service provides tremendous value."
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