My name is Mark Seemann, and ploeh blog is my professional blog (not that I have a personal blog). Here, I write about programming, software development, and architecture.

I'm a self-employed programmer and software architect living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I enjoy reading, playing the guitar, good wine, and gourmet food.


Apart from the hundreds of articles on this blog, I also write and produce material via other professional outlets.

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During the years, I've been the guest on various podcasts:

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There's lots of ways to contact me, and you are welcome to do so, e.g. if you want to hire me, want me to speak at a conference or user group meeting, or simply if you have a question you think I should answer here on the blog. In case of public speaking, you can also review my public speaking schedule.

One way to contact me is via email. Here's a little test of your sentience: take each segment of the following email address, and reverse it (e.g. oof@rab.zab would become foo@bar.baz): kram@heolp.kd.

If you learned something from this blog, or otherwise derived value from it, please consider donating or otherwise supporting the blog. No amount is too small - I write this blog for free, so I appreciate any donation.

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