My latest MSDN Magazine article, this time about CQRS on Windows Azure, is now available at the April MSDN Magazine web site.

It's mostly meant as an introduction to CQRS as well as containing some tips and tricks that are specific to applying CQRS on Windows Azure.

As an added bonus the code sample download contains lots of idiomatic unit tests written with AutoFixture's extensions, so if you'd like to see the result of my TDD work with AutoFixture, there's a complete code base to look at there.


Clement #
Good article and also great sample code !
2011-04-11 06:45 UTC
Excellent article.
2011-04-14 14:54 UTC
Really enjoying the article, Mark. I was racking my brain at lunch thinking about some of these issues, regarding safe modification of state, etc. Then, I found the article.

I may end up doing things with Node and Redis, but still wanting to learn how to do things with Azure.
2012-11-30 19:10 UTC

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