AutoFixture 1.0 is now available on the CodePlex site! Compared to Release Candidate 2 there are no changes.

The 1.0 release page has more details about this particular release, but essentially this is RC2 promoted to release status.

It's been almost a year since I started development on AutoFixture and I must say that it has been an exciting and fulfilling experience! The API has evolved, but has turned out to be surprisingly flexible, yet robust. I even had some positive surprises along the way as it dawned on me that I could do new fancy things I hadn't originally considered.

If you use the Likeness feature (of which I have yet to write), you will run into this bug in Visual Studio. The bug is only in IntelliSense, so any code using Likeness will compile and work just fine.

While this release marks the end of AutoFixture's initial days, it also marks the beginning of AutoFixture 2.0. I already have lots of plans for making it even more extensible and powerful, as well as plans for utility libraries that integrate with, say, Moq or Rhino Mocks. It's going to be an exciting new voyage!


Adrian Hara #
Having gone through all the posts in the AutoFixture category, as well as the zero-friction TDD posts (first), all i can say is (paraphrasing "This is Gold! Gold!". Thanks not only for the tools but for some amazing blog posts!

2010-02-08 10:39 UTC
Thanks for those kind words. They are much appreciated :)
2010-02-08 14:31 UTC
Ruddy lee #
Good stuff!

Why called Ploeh?

I'm a speaker in MS Taiwan, try to know more about Ploeh.AutoFixture.dll

2010-03-07 02:51 UTC
Currently, the best place to learn about AutoFixture is this very blog. Apart from that, trying it out on some small, but real software project is always always the best way to truly learn a new technology.

If you have specific questions about AutoFixture, the best place to ask them would be in the AutoFixture discussion forum.

2010-03-07 09:17 UTC

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