AutoFixture now includes a Rhino Mocks-based auto-mocking feature similar to the Moq-based auto-mocking customization previously described.

The developer of this great optional feature, the talented but discreet Mikkel has this to say:

"The auto-mocking capabilities of AutoFixture now include auto-mocking using Rhino Mocks, completely along the same lines as the existing Moq-extension. Although it will not be a part of the .zip-distribution before the next official release, it can be built from the latest source code (November 13, 2010) which contains the relevant VS2008 solution: AutoRhinoMock.sln. It is built on Rhino.Mocks version To use it, add a reference to Ploeh.AutoFixture.AutoRhinoMock.dll and customize the Fixture instance with:

var fixture = new Fixture()
    .Customize(new AutoRhinoMockCustomization());

"which automatically will result in mocked instances of requests for interfaces and abstract classes."

I'm really happy to see the AutoFixture eco-system grow in this way, as it both demonstrates how AutoFixture gives you great flexibility and enables you to work with the tools you prefer.

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Saturday, 13 November 2010 21:19:09 UTC


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Published: Saturday, 13 November 2010 21:19:09 UTC