Zero-Friction TDD

Wednesday, 28 January 2009 14:46:44 UTC

In my original post on Zero-Friction TDD, I continually updated the list of posts in the series, so that there would always be a central 'table of contents' for this topic.

Since I'll lose the ability to keep editing any of my previous postings on the old ploeh blog, the present post now contains the most updated list of Zero-Friction TDD articles:

Living In Interesting Times

Wednesday, 28 January 2009 09:03:29 UTC

As readers of my old MSDN blog will know, ploeh blog is moving to this new site.

Responding to the current financial crisis, Microsoft is cutting costs and laying off 1400 employees. During that process, the entire Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Team is being disbanded, which is very sad, since it was a very nice place to work. The team spirit was great, and we were really committed to agile development methodologies, but all good things must end...

Currently, I can't even begin to guess what the future looks like for me, although to regular readers of my blog I can state that I sincerely intend to keep writing as I always have. If you subscribed to my old blog, then please subscribe here instead. The blog is moving because the old blog belongs to Microsoft, and only employees can post, so I'll soon be writing my last post on the old blog.

Until now, it's always been Microsoft's policy to retain the old blogs, even when the original authors leave the company, so while I will not be able to post to the old blog, I expect the old posts to be around for a long time yet.

Professionally, I don't know what I will do now. If I can find new employment in these times, I may simply decide to take on new challenges with a new employer. However, I'm also considering free-lancing for a while: Coding, mentoring, lecturing, writing...

If you are in the position where you think you can use my services, whether for full-time employment or just a few days, please let me know. Keep in mind that I'm based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and while I can certainly travel after work, I cannot permanently move due to family obligations.


I'm very sorry to hear that; but you are a very smart person so I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a new job

I wish you the best

2009-02-11 22:42 UTC

We're currently looking for senior developers with MS competencies. So have a look at our website and send me your CV, if you're interested.


Simon B. Jensen
Head of Development
IT Practice

2009-02-12 13:25 UTC


You're a good man. A software genius. The fact that you got laid off is a crime. I would hire you any day, and I wish you the best. Friend me on Facebook.

All my best,


2009-02-24 05:34 UTC

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